We Combine Security + Technology To Produce Real Results

Our Technology platform is a security guard management, GPS tracking, information gathering & incident reporting software that allows us to monitor & respond to all reported issues, tasks, and events in real time.
Full Transparency Of Our Sites At All Times
With our guard management software, we are able to show our clients the control we have over our operation because of officer accountability and transparency through real-time reporting.
Our Guard management software enables our supervisors to ensure guards are on time, critical tasks are completed, and checkpoints are checked. 
Share Real-Time Results
Our Technology gives us access to real-time information about our security guards, such as GPS locations, guard patrol progress, and task completion.
All this information is documented in a way that’s easy to track and share with your client to prove that the job is being done well.

Tracking Guard Performance Effectively

It’s no secret that there is a problem with accountability in the physical security industry. Sometimes guards don’t show up for shifts or when they do, they don’t do the job they’re being paid to do. At NSG Security Guarding, we have a way to figure out who our problem employees are. Without evidence that people aren’t doing their jobs, that is impossible to figure out. But with our Technology platform, we know exactly who is performing well and who isn’t. With GPS guard tracking, we always have an eye on their activities.

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