NSG Security Guard Solutions offers a full range of security services for people, properties, and events.
A snapshot of a few services we offer:
COMMERCIAL PROPERTIES                                        RESIDENTIAL PROPERTIES

We Combine Security and Technology to Win for Commercial Property Managers
At NSG Security Guarding, our goal is to create a security climate that fits the atmosphere of the building while protecting all parties involved. Whether you need us to blend in like a concierge service or stand out in a security blazer, we’ll adapt to your needs.
 NSG Security Guarding tailors its security services to match the needs of individual homeowners’ associations, from apartment properties to private communities. Our priority is to protect the property and those who call those spaces home while also making everyone comfortable with our presence. We want to feel like the right fit and become a natural asset for the living environment.
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Safety doesn’t end when the workday is over. Construction sites are often targets of organized crime, with expensive copper and other parts luring thieves for the opportunity. Our team’s presence at your site creates a deterrence for these activitiesWith NSG Security Guarding as your Security Services provider, you have access to top-quality security personnel to maintain a watchful eye while your workers rest. Our trained officers stay on site and alert, discouraging thieves and saving you money.
We Offer a Consistent Presence for Reliable Security
When you have a space that demands a watchful eye, NSG Security Guarding is here to help. Whether you need a consistent presence at your business, community, or elsewhere – our team at NSG Security Guarding is here to serve. We go above and beyond safety first through our extreme attentiveness and professionalism. Our highly trained security professionals operate with integrity and create a safe atmosphere for all involved. Our main goal is to create peace of mind for your staff and clients.

Our Clients Trust Our Services and Protection:

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