The 7 habits of a highly effective Security Company

Hiring an effective security guarding company in Johannesburg, Pretoria, and surroundings is an important decision you are going to make because it is your top priority to keep all your employees, customers, tenants, and valuable assets safe and secure from threatening situations such as intrusion, break-in, and theft And with so many options, selecting the right Security Guarding Company may seem like a daunting task. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to identify which security guarding company will ensure the best results. Before you commit, take a look at The 7 habits of a highly effective security company and ensure that you’re making the right decision.

Obtain a Well-trained security personnel

Maintaining a quality workforce is an important objective for a security company. Well-trained security personnel ensures that you can provide quality services to clients. Provide training that results in enhanced physical fitness and increased analytical abilities. You also need to encourage the softer side of your security staff. For example, they must be courteous, and when you send them to your clients’ premises, they need to treat people cordially and respectfully. At the same time, a private security company’s employees must adhere to privacy and security policies and protocols that the client establishes.

Integrate Technology Tools

Time has evolved, things have changed. Gone are the days of a Security Company just relying on a guard, a warm body to secure your premises. Long Gone Are the Days Of traditional pen & paper reporting. Customers want site & property information accurately and instantly to better gauge your guard and company performance.

 Technology is changing security industry operations. Information technology and technological tools are crucial for successful security companies to impart effective services. Reliance on technology enables security companies to be more efficient in their services. It also helps them in reducing operating costs. For example, video surveillance might be helpful in reducing the number of people you need to place on duty.

Unfortunately many security guarding companies are still using the outdated tools in this digital age. While many security guarding companies are stuck in the past using Traditional and ineffective methods, other security guarding companies are still fighting change, refusing to embrace Technology.

So the question is, what type of technology is your current security company using to manage your security guards? Moreover, what type of security patrol system is your current security company using to patrol your premises?

Does your security guarding company still use pagers or Magtouch clock stick to patrol your premises? If your security company still use pagers or Magtouch clock stick to patrol your premises stop right now. Why to stay stuck with an outdated way of managing work? It is about choosing smart technology.

As an integrated Technology company, NSG Security Guarding has to combine Security and Technology to create a safe and secure environment so your staff or customers can work or shop without worrying about their safety.  The NSG Security Guarding Advantage is a philosophy that promotes the continued use of technology to ensure that you, as a client, receive the greatest return on your investment in security.

With NSG Security Guarding, you will know in real-time what your security guards are doing while they are on duty at 2 am, thanks to our Real-time GPS Guard tracking and Reporting technology. A technology that helps better manage your premises, Improves Security Guard Productivity‎ , and ensuring peace of mind, all in real-time.

NSG Security Guarding offers a new physical and digital solution that diminished security incidents and reduced compliance issues. With our new seamless digital solution, clients will see the performance and compliance of the security guards in real-time. Not after printing paper from the mag touch device for instance.

With our technology, at the end of each shift, the facility owner now knows if the security guard has covered all of the checkpoints and if he has done so in the timeframe required to keep the facility safe. 

Instead of relying on manual reports that are time-consuming, NSG Security Guarding have a solution that delivers real-time reporting.

While the old pen and paper system takes weeks to process and often incorrect report for multiple reasons, our real time reporting system process daily activity report instantly, in real-time.

As a matter of fact, with our Real-time guard reporting technology, we have the ability to keep track of all activities that are happening on your premises through GPS monitoring. This service gives you (The Client) full visual on sites (complete with maps, photos, and instructions), employees, guard tours, tasks, info boards, email notifications, alerts, reports and alarms, memos, notes, and more, all in real-time.

Provide Value-added Services

In an effort to keep clients satisfied, a highly effective security company might provide value-added services to their clients. For example, they might survey their client’s premises, identify key weaknesses in security plans and recommend solutions for these security weaknesses. They also often offer quick responses and provide assistance when emergencies, such as accidents or fire, occur. Other optional services they offer might include carbon monoxide monitoring, support in insurance coverage, cyber forensics and support during litigation.

Offer Specialized Services

The demand for security is pervasive and sophisticated organizations and individual require security for a variety of reasons. Rather than hire internal security staff, they often outsource their security needs to companies that specialize in protecting the specific item, area or offers a particular set of security services. For example, companies might need personnel with special training in addition to special equipment to secure airports, chemical plants, football stadiums or hotels. Other specialized services that security companies pursue include executive security, special event security and canine contraband inspections. Security companies make it their objective to offer services in these niches to ensure better business opportunities

Registered with Psira

A highly effective security company comply with state registration and legislation

The Private Security Industry in South Africa is regulate by the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (Psira). Unfortunately many fly by night, unregistered and unscrupulous companies are still operating out there.

Again before you commit to any security guarding company, make sure you verify its Psira registration and accreditation. Also, check the Psira registration of any security guards appointed to your premises.

It’s also important to ensure that the security guarding company you’re hiring has the right insurance coverage and registered with Worker’s Compensation (COIDA), UIF with the Department of Labour, The Provident Fund, and SARS. As a Fully compliant security service provider under the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (Psira), NSG Security Guarding takes compliance very seriously and that’s why for your peace of mind, we carry a comprehensive public liability insurance for up to 7 million rands, and all our certifications are up to date.


Flexibility is essential for effective security guarding services. The highly effective security guarding services companies will customize your guarding services to ensure that you have exactly what you need to meet your security needs. Depending on the job, an effective security guard strategy may require unarmed or armed personnel, security cameras and other technologies, and a response strategy for any number of unforeseen situations.

At NSG Security Guarding, we provide well-trained guards, backed by experts who can help you analyze your needs and create the most effective strategy to address potential security risks. Our security guards are carefully screened and undergo rigorous training and continuous professional development and hire only fully-qualified and Psira registered personnel with the skill sets needed to handle even the most challenging security issues. When you need a security guarding service you can rely on in Johannesburg and Pretoria, there’s only one company you should choose: NSG Security Guarding.

Great Customer Service

A lot of effort goes into building a security guarding company, but excellent customer service is the security guarding company essence. For most security companies, customer service is their core identity, so make sure you’re not hiring a security guarding company who is in it only for the money and doesn’t care much about your safety requirements.

Beware of Communication built around invoices.

Clients should look for a security guarding company that is 100 percent transparent and has accountability built into their service for tracking and managing a security officer program. Too often clients don’t get data they need to manage their program or fail to receive timely notification of events, such as instances of a guard’s late arrival to a shift. Instead, clients should insist on a provider that has a real – time-and-attendance system that guarantees they won’t pay for any time that a guard isn’t on duty and can immediately resolve the issue to prevent a gap in service.

Hence, make sure that the security guarding company you’re about to hire takes your business/property seriously and cares about it as much as you do. “Don’t forget that it’s your guard program, and you want to be sure that you are getting access to that. If the only time you ever hear from your security guarding company is when the invoice comes, something isn’t right. That is a relationship to steer away from.

Selecting the right security guarding company can bring you the protection you need and the peace of mind you deserve. If you want the best service, choose a Psira registered company that using technology to protect our assets.

About NSG Security Guarding

NSG Security Guarding is home to a full range of security services. We have to combine Security and Technology to make your business and private property secure so that there are no chances of theft or other types of crime happening within or around your premises. A Balanced Combination of Physical Security, well-trained Security Guards, and Technology is key to our success. If you do not have a Digital Age Security guarding Company for your premises, get one now

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