How To Secure Your Construction Site

Construction Site Security Worries You A Lot?Not Anymore

Here’s How to keep your construction project on track and on budget, with NSG Security Guarding

Making sure your construction site is fully protected around the clock in real-time by grade C Psira Registered Security Guards, is essential to any construction project’s success, and the larger the project, the more important construction site security becomes.

At NSG Security Guarding We will make the investment worth it by providing expert level on-site security services around the clock, mitigating construction material, equipment and project loss. Keeping large equipment and materials at the job site overnight and on weekends can expedite a project, saving time and the labor costs of moving these items back and forth to secured storage locations; however, all savings are lost with theft.

9 Reasons Why Your Construction Site Needs NSG Security Guarding

Construction sites are one of the world’s most dangerous workplaces and have their fair share of security concerns. From the theft of expensive equipment to fatal accidents, vandalism, trespassing, and criminal activities, construction sites have made the headlines many times for several security incidents

Construction sites are highly vulnerable to theft of materials, as well as the damage of property and equipment, potentially causing thousands of rands in loss and damage, not to mention time. Hiring an integrated technology security company like NSG Security Guarding will ensure that your day-to-day tasks on the site are well-managed and protected.

Theft And Vandalism

Your construction site has tons of expensive tools, equipment, and machinery. Without proper security measures, they become an easy and attractive target for thieves and vandals. However, it is crucial to note that controlling construction site theft and vandalism can make a huge difference between profit and loss for a project. As the costs to replace stolen goods and restore the vandalized property can negatively impact your project’s budget and timeline.

All this makes it worthwhile to invest in a good security company that can discourage potential criminals from looting or vandalizing the property.

Access Control

A construction site is a busy place, and the staff needs to come and go all the time. This makes it highly challenging for management to keep track of unauthorized people accessing the site. Moreover, just putting up a sign that says “No trespassing” is not enough. Due to the high risk involved in this category, it is essential to hire a dedicated security guarding company that can provide practical solutions to keep an eye on everyone accessing the site. With our real-time video monitoring system and well trained Psira Registered security Guards, your construction site is in good hands.

NSG Security Guarding provides 24/7 video monitoring and surveillance on construction sites. Our special video monitoring includes services like face detection, crowd detection, intrusion detection, vehicle license plate recognition, and more.

At NSG Security Guarding, we partner with clients in the construction industry to provide not only well-trained, experienced security guards who understand the intricacies of large construction sites, but also our Real time guard reporting technology to optimize our operations.

Real-time Security Protection technology  helps NSG Security Guarding better manage your premises, Improving Security Guard Productivity‎, accountability and ensuring peace of mind, all in real-time.

Our Security guards are Psira Registered and skilled at handling the most pressing security issues that you may face including trespassing, theft and vandalism. We also know that every construction site is different. That’s why we work with you to create custom security solutions that meet your unique needs. 

Workplace Hazards

The construction industry involves a wide range of workplace hazards, making it one of the top sectors to have the highest fatality rate. This is because the workers at a construction site are regularly working nearby heavy and dangerous machinery and are required to operate under extreme circumstances. These conditions contain; working at heights, near moving objects, and near improperly fitted power lines. These situations can easily result in falls, slips, electrocution, and other accidents.

For these reasons, it is crucial to have a well-trained and skilled security team that can handle the problem almost immediately. With our real-time reporting system, workplace hazards will be dealt with accordingly.

At NSG Security Guarding, we also offer Alarm Response Security Guard Services. When an alarm goes off in such conditions, the nearest guard is dispatched immediately for a quick response. Our skilled security guards are trained in first aid and CPR.

Materials And Property Protection

Are you building a residence, apartment complex, retail building or a corporate building? Regardless of the size of your construction project, NSG Security Guarding can provide construction site security that can prevent materials and property from being stolen, damaged or lost. Contact NSG Security Guarding today to protect your premises.

Equipment And Tools Protection

The quantity of tools and equipment on any given construction site, make it a target for theft. While many of these items are easily locked away at the end of each work day, there are many that cannot be. With NSG Security Guarding providing construction site security, you won’t have to worry about your valuable tools and equipment being stolen or damaged. Our security guards monitoring around the clock, 24/7 will ensure access control is enforced.

Emergency Response

Emergencies at construction sites, such as fires or break-ins are not uncommon, and they can occur night or day. Our construction site security guards provide monitoring around the clock to ensure no issues arise. If there is an emergency, our expertly trained security guards will respond effectively and efficiently to resolve the issue. We can handle any emergency that comes up at your construction site and will work with the proper local authorities to get your site re-secured quickly.

Trespass Prevention

Having a fence around your construction site will deter most people from wandering onto your project, but for some people, a fence is just an invitation to trespass, vandalize and steal. Don’t rely on fencing alone to keep your construction site safe. Our experienced security professionals will ensure protective methods are in place and provide a visible presence, preventing trespassing.

Limit Weather Damage

We certainly can’t control the weather, but we can notify you when heavy rains or high winds are putting your expensive materials and equipment at risk. Let NSG Security Guarding protect you from the expense and time it takes to replace equipment and materials damaged by inclement weather. Our real-time reporting system will keeps on sending you live updates

Accident Prevention

Construction sites are known to be prone to accidents. Our experienced security professional will help to identify safety issues as they arise to prevent them from causing serious harm to your construction workers. Reduce fees and liability for your construction company while maintaining a safe construction site.

At NSG Security Guarding We have integrated an advanced GPS system that allows you to get real time data on our performance. With our Real time GPS Tracking monitoring and guard reporting technology, we have the ability to keep track of all activities that’s happening on your construction site or premises. This service gives you (The Client) full visual on sites (complete with maps, photos, and instructions), employees, guard tours, tasks, info boards, email notifications, alerts, reports and alarms, memos, notes and more, all in real time.

Take a look of what NSG Security Guarding is offering:

GPS Guard Tracking System

GPS History of All Shifts/Posts, Guard Tours & Incidents

Real-time Guard Reporting System

Real-time Guard Monitoring System

Guard Checkpoint Technology(Digital Checkpoints with QR Codes, Barcodes, or NFC Tags)

24/7 Live Support

More Accurate Guard Activity Information

Clearer Incident Reports

Analytics for Clients’ Most Problematic Issues

An Issues Summary Outlining All On-Site Activity a guard has Performed

Mobile Guard Tour App

Accurate and reliable Daily Activity Reports

Live-Updated Incident Reporting

LIVE Officer GPS Mapping

24/7 Live Daily Activity Reports

View your property anytime, anywhere

Psira Registered Guards

Well trained and Experience Security Guards

And much more…

So, if you are looking for a Reliable Construction and Building Site Security Company around Johannesburg, Pretoria and Surroundings, get in touch today with NSG Security Guarding, call us to bring our technology platform to secure your sites.

NSG Security Guarding has a strong working relationship with many of the construction companies in Gauteng area. We understand the unique security challenges construction companies’ face and would be proud to serve you too. Contact us today to secure your construction site.

But how to secure your construction site in this digital age?

Regardless of the size of your construction project, NSG Security Guarding will provide construction site security that can prevent materials and property from being stolen, damaged or lost.

Our Specialized Services for Construction Security include:

24/7 video monitoring on construction sites, which includes face detection, crowd detection, time analysis queue management, perimeter monitoring, intrusion detection and vehicle license plate recognition.

We also offer alarm response security guard services. If an alarm goes off, an intimation is dispatched to the nearest guards for quicker response. Our skilled security guards are trained in first aid and CPR.

Mobile patrolling security guard service is also available to patrol your construction premises. Also available with cars and bikes for larger units.

Fences, Secured Entry Gate, and Lock Systems

The most basic step of construction site prevention is to install fences with stable, strong lock system. This is essential as it is the primary entrance to the construction site that needs protection and alertness. Installation of fences is cost effective and it also alerts an intruder that the site is secured and is restricted or under inspection.

A secure lock system is not only mandatory for fences and construction site gates. It is important to keep all your valuable site machinery and equipment locked away in a secured placed for additional security.

Alarm Systems

Alarms aren’t just for fire or medical emergencies on site. You must install an alarm system that immediately notifies the nearest police department. Till the time they arrive, surrounding people might also be alarmed with the sound and might come to help. The alarm sound might also alert the intruders or robbers and compel them to leave the robbed material behind and just sprint away.

Video Surveillance Systems

Video monitoring is the most effective way to safeguard any construction site on a 24/7 basis. These systems record all the on-site and surrounding happenings. The video recordings are live and don’t miss a single incident. These recorded footages can be used as a legit proof against an intruder or a thief during a construction site security issue.

Video Monitoring Services for Construction Sites

If you are facing constant hazards of theft at your construction site, then you should invest in specialized security and surveillance facilities. These may include 24/7 video monitoring, alarm response security guards, and mobile patrolling security guards for the complete safety of your construction locations.

4 top benefits of video monitoring services for your construction sites:

Achieving Safer Work Sites

It’s not easy for companies to gather concrete evidence about construction site mishaps and robberies in the absence of an online surveillance system. Some employees might forget details, while others could refuse to answer your questions because they don’t want to report an actual incident. Mistakes do happen even if you have a low-risk construction site.

Installing security cameras on top of 25-foot poles which can live-stream events happening in 360 degrees, will help you record every incident. When you have everything documented, you can always go back and check your surveillance record for potential theft in case any discrepancies arise at the time of inventory.

Facing Fewer Numbers Of Lawsuits

Another significant advantage of live surveillance systems is that you’re less vulnerable to facing lawsuits. These onsite security cameras can be your best temporary solution to monitor everything happening at your construction site in real-time. They also help you negate any potential lawsuit from disgruntled employees by proving there was no onsite accident.

Having Lower Insurance Costs

Organizations with 24/7 security cameras can ask for lower insurance rates from their insurance company. Ask your insurance provider if they need you to install a certain kind of camera to get a discount. Installing high-quality recording NVR cameras will provide you with consistent coverage and monitoring of your construction locations.

That’s why remote surveillance cameras can be an excellent choice for your construction site, considering that you might get a reduction in your insurance premiums.

Efficient Record Keeping

Installing surveillance cameras at your construction location can help you keep track of when your staff members come and go and also ensure that they are adhering to their shift timings properly. You can also make sure that no extra individuals are entering and leaving your property.

On-Site Security Guards

Just installing artificial security systems isn’t enough for construction site security. You cannot skip having on-site security guards as they are present there physically, alerting any intruder before trespassing the premises. Hiring professional security guards for your site is essential as they are trained and equipped to handle such emergencies.

Mobile Patrol Systems

Having a mobile patrol system to enhance your site’s security works well for the entire neighborhood. Unlike guards who are present 24/7 on your property, mobile patrols inspect your site from time to time to check for theft or other security issues. This bars an intruder from entering the construction site as the mobile patrol visits are not fixed.

In the case of heavily-crowded sites, it’s essential to continually monitor and record the actions of your employees through 24/7 video monitoring. It also protects your business operations and your workers onsite through efficient record keeping of every event.

NSG Security Guarding provides real-time video monitoring services across Johannesburg and Pretoria. Visit our website to get more insight or contact us today for customized customer service.

NSG Security Guarding provides a wide range of security services in South Africa. We ensure your construction site is safe so that there are no chances of theft, vandalism, and other types of crime happening within or around your premises. If you are interested in learning more about our construction site security services, please visit our website or feel free to contact us today

Every construction site is different from the next, and different construction sites have different security needs. Collaborate with NSG Security Guarding to identify the kind of security features your construction site needs. With our experience and knowledge, we can help you select the best security options for your construction site. We will also help you devise a complete security plan for the safety of your property and workers.

If you are really interested in having NSG Security Guarding implement the technology platform in your construction sites, business / property or perhaps you just want to know in real-time what your security guards are doing while they are on duty, contact us today @ 013 110 2560 / 081 895 4462 or visit  To learn more about how our Construction Site Security Services can safeguard your job premise, in real-time? click here.

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