How do you ensure that your security guards are on site, awake and active doing their jobs at 2am?

In the security industry, a weak officer on-duty performance will negatively impact the security company’s performance and profitability. Many security companies have lost contracts because of the security guard’s poor performances. Knowing how well or poorly a security officer performs is crucial to knowing how well the security company carries out its duties on a client site.

Access to real time GPS Guard tracking or monitoring Technology boosts the ability of the security guarding company to manage risk and retain clients.

But how do you know in real-time what your guards are doing while they are on duty at 2am?

What if you could track the security personnel’s paths on site in real-time from a single dashboard anywhere anytime?

That’s what NSG Security Guarding does while securing your property or business. Unlike many security companies who are still stuck in the past, NSG Security Guarding uses technology to improve its daily operations and serve you better.

NSG Security Guarding offers a new physical and digital solution that diminished security incidents and reduced compliance issues. With our new seamless digital solution, clients will see the performance and compliance of the security guards in real-time. Not after printing paper from the magtouch device for instance.

With our technology, at the end of each shift, the facility owner now knows if the security guard has covered all of the checkpoints and if he has done so in the timeframe required to keep the facility safe.  Instead of relying on manual reports that are time-consuming, NSG Security Guarding have a solution that delivers real-time reporting.

While the old pen and paper system takes weeks to process and often incorrect report for multiple reasons, our real time reporting system process daily activity report instantly, in real-time.

With our Real time guard reporting technology, we have the ability to keep track of all activities that’s happening on your premises through GPS monitoring. This service gives you (The Client) full visual on sites (complete with maps, photos, and instructions), employees, guard tours, tasks, info boards, email notifications, alerts, reports and alarms, memos, notes and more, all in real time.

Take a look of what NSG Security Guarding is offering:

So if you really want to know in real-time what your security guards are doing while they are on duty at 2am, you have to employ a security guard company that using a Real-time Guard Reporting technology. A security company like NSG Security Guarding uses real-time guard reporting technology to optimize its operation. A technology that helps better manage your premises, a technology that Improves Security Guard Productivity and ensuring peace of mind, all in real-time.

NSG Security Guarding is home to a full range of security services. We have combine Security + Technology to make your business and private property secure so that there are no chances of theft or other types of crime happening within or around your premises. To learn about our offers, contact us today for a free consultation

If you are really interested in having this technology implemented in your business / property or perhaps you just want to know in real-time what your security guards are doing while they are on duty at 2am, contact us today @ 013 110 2560 / 081 895 4462

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