3 Reasons Why You Need Our Real-Time Guard Tracking System

How Does Our Real Time GPS Guard Tracking System help you?

At NSG Security Guarding we use a monitoring system that allows us to track our security guards activities in real-time using GPS.

We ensure that our security guards are where they are supposed to be, when they are supposed to be there.

We make sure reports are delivered to you on time.

Our electronic reporting software gives you access to paperless reports whenever and wherever you need them.

We give you access to view officer patrol activity in real-time.

Our guard tour tracking software with GPS technology gives you real-time access to view guards patrol activity. This helps to ensure that guards are on site, alert, checking all posts and completing their tours. Better yet the software will send you an alert if our officers are not.

We GPS verify that guards are on site when they clock in for their shift.

Our time and attendance software alerts you if the guards aren’t clocking in and out of shifts on time. Time and attendance also helps make scheduling, payroll, and invoicing easier.

If you are really interested in having this technology implemented in your business / property or perhaps you just want to know in real-time what your security guards are doing while they are on duty, contact us today @ 013 110 2560 / 081 895 4462

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